Tomato zucchini galette {with pesto and feta}


Friday, August 24, 2018

Tomato and zucchini galette. Delicious savory pie with seasonal vegetables.

Tomato zucchini galette with feta and pesto


The other day I posted on Instagram a savory galette I prepared for lunch and many people asked for the recipe. So I waited a few days to do it again and finally, it's here.

I wanted to put together some ingredients from my pantry, after seeing recipes popping up with these two ingredients...because it's tomatoes and zucchini season. 

The galette is a typical French pastry. It is a kind of rustic free-form pie and reminds me of an open turn over. It doesn't require a pie plate, just a baking sheet.

Galettes are appealing to me, especially because of their rustic and simple appearance. They can be made with sweet or savory fillings and of these, I like particularly those with vegetables.

Tomato zucchini galette, savory rustic tart

How to make a tomato and zucchini galette

Actually, this is an easy to follow recipe. We just need 4 ingredients for the filling: vegetables plus feta cheese and pesto.

Let's talk about the crust: you can use a store-bought one, so in that case, this galette can be made with just 5 ingredients (big deal, eh?), but I prefer making it at home because it is just as simple as going to the supermarket!

This crust is the same I used for quiches and other sweet or savory pies; I love how versatile it is and contrast of textures that gives with fillings.

Heirloom tomato and zucchini sliced
Local Produce 😍🍅

Heirloom tomato

For this galette recipe, I used some heirloom tomatoes grown here in Puerto Rico that I found at a farmers market in Old San Juan.

Locally they are known by the name “tomate platillo” (flying saucer tomato in Spanish). I love the irregular shape of these tomatoes but mostly their taste, and although they were already quite ripe and soft, I insisted on using them because the secret on recipes, especially those that are so simple, is to use the best ingredients available.

How to make pie crust step-by-step
Homemade pie crust

This galette can be kept for not more than two days in the refrigerator, wrapped in aluminum foil or parchment; then reheated in the oven for a few minutes.

Despite being made in the oven, it is a fresh meal, it can be accompanied with a salad and you have a light and delicious dinner in no time.

Making a savory galette step-by-step
How to make a galette


💡 To make the dough, remember to use very cold butter. Instead of cutting into cubes, place the whole stick of butter in the freezer for a while and then grate by the coarse side of the grater (this also can be placed in the freezer), you'll see how easy it is to make the dough using this trick.

    Let's cook!

    tomato zucchini galette recipe

    Feta galette with heirloom tomatoes and zucchini

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    Bon appetit and have a nice day! 😘

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    1. I just made a sweet galette! I haven't made a savory galette, and I have half a ton of tomatoes left! Definitely giving this a try!

      1. What coincidence Binky! You need to use those fresh tomatoes and try this savory one, you'll love it!

    2. This looks like it contains everything my garden is overflowing with right now and perfect for the summer months. Great looking galette!

      1. Thank you Jenni, I can imagine how beautiful your garden is with all those veggies!

    3. I love makimg galettes but somehow haven't in a while. This looks like such a tasty combination I should give a try!

      1. Hi Caroline! I´m glad you like this galette, we really enjoyed at home!

    4. I think this will be the perfect way to sneak some more veggies on my kiddies plates - it looks so good that they will eat it all up no worries! Thank you :-)

      1. My daughter is so picky with the veggies :( I would like she can eat it too, instead, my husband and I ate it all, haha!
        Thanks for visiting!

    5. This looks like the perfect summer recipe. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Yes, indeed! I have made this galette several times these past weeks, we love it!


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